07 July, 2007

Well, a new batch of pre-loved buttons arrived in the post, and they are wonderful! I have included a couple of little photos so you can get a sense of the fun I have to look forward to this week!

I am finding that whilst my button necklaces in the past used to be primarily the same colour, I am getting more excited about mixing different colours as my collection of odd vintage buttons grows (by odd I mean one only, rather than a few of the same style/colour). So I have numerous piles of two of three buttons around the place at the moment, of happy button combinations, waiting to be made into something....

Heading off to a "trash and treasure" market tomorrow, which promises to be a bit of fun, rummaging around things people no longer want.... I am really after an old lined jacket, which I can unstitch and make into a bag... I have something quite specific in mind, so probably won't find anything like it, but I will certainly post it here if I do! Of course, I can nevsr have too many buttons.... ;)

Anyway, it is quite late, so I should probably go and see how the hubby is going and then crash out (need to have energy for the market tomorrow!).

Chat soon, xx

ps. not sure if you have noticed the new header, with the buttons.... think that this is what I wil stick with for now :)


Tara said...

LOVE those! Lucky you!

summer pickles said...

Hi Tara!
Thankyou.... I love them too! (Not sure how excited the hubby is by all of these buttons around the house, I guess he feels as excited as I feel about the atari games and football gear!)
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