28 May, 2008

I'm incredibly excited!!!

our gorgeous hallway, originally uploaded by summer pickles.

Check out our gorgeous new hallway!

Sooo excited that we are getting closer to this house being done.... only floor sanding and polishing, some plaster patching, light fitting selection and installation (I am thinking about the ikea knappa light for the hallway... what do you think?) and painting to go!

And being only 34 weeks well-and-truly-up-the-duff I feel like we might actually get it all done on time for bub's big arrival, too! (It's not just the hallway that's progressing... our nursery is making some serious headway too). We will even have the furniture in the room in two weeks... Yippee!

Anyway, now that the carpenter has gone, I am going to see if I can still pop in on Miss Cinti at My Poppet... will have missed her biggest morning tea (you can make a donation to the Cancer Council here), but it would be lovely to get there to meet her and check out My Poppet!

Have a lovely day everyone!

27 May, 2008

I have been sewing!

Warned you all in my last post that I had been sewing, and here are the results.

Apologies for the dodgy quality photo... my camera is flat (too many photos of the dog and trying to catch the baby moving on video), so this is a mobile phone picture. This is what makes the edges look stretched out on the left too --- the wrap is actually surprisingly square.

I love this patterned flannelette which I just found at good ol' spotlight in box hill, where they have a surprisingly large range of printed flannelette. Also got some very cute blue and pink printed flannelette, which I will show you once I have made it into something. This wrap is 82cm square, which is too small according to my girlfriends who have had babies, but is the best I could do with the fabric I had available! (I discovered that flannelette shrinks significantly on first wash - a handy reminder to all crafters out there to make sure you wash your fabric first!)

I also love these knot hats which are so easy to make! We still don't know if bub is a boy or girl, but I only had blue stretch fabric in my stash, so used what I had available. If she is a girl that will just give me an excuse to add a flower or something pretty to the front! I adapted the hat pattern from here

I don't have an overlocker and didn't like the folding back cuff too much so made some very minor amendments. I am thinking that I probably need to go out and buy some patterned stretch fabric just for some fun...

So, I am back in the world of crafting! (Hooray for maternity leave!)

I have also made two new button rings and a button necklace, which you can see on my flickr or etsy (links on the left).

Have a fabulous week everyone!
Hannah x

23 May, 2008

what I did with my first day of maternity leave

day 1 maternity leave, originally uploaded by summer pickles.

1. got up way too early (7.30am) after an early breakfast wake up call from james brown at 5.30am
2. had brekkie - strawberry jam and peanut butter on toast and a mandarin (i love mandarins at the moment! would have been sardines on toast if I hadn't run out yesterday)...
3. read some of this incredible book...
4. had a lovely chat with my favourite mother-in-law in Sydney...
5. checked out some of my favourite blogs... am incredibly behind!
6. did a load of towels
7. enjoyed a phone call with the very gorgeous G in Sydney... not long to go now miss!
8. did another load of towels...
9. had a visit from an electrician... all bad news...
10. cleaned up a james brown accident in the loungeroom with much stressing about permanent staining to the new timber floors....
11. finished this amazing book - Cafe Scheherazade by Arnold Zable.... just incredible...

What's still planned for today...
1. have a visit from electrician number two for the day...
2. go to the shops for some real dog food...
3. buy some new smoke alarm batteries (i know, it's exciting stuff!)
4. sew sew sew

Have fun x

ps. I have been sewing! will have to post some pics... next time! x

18 May, 2008

decorating 101

Help! I am not a decorator...

I have a whole house in the early stages of renovations (we still have some way to go!), and am feeling the urge to NEST. One major part of this nesting is to plan out, and design our nursery.

This is the nursery as it is right now... isn't it beautiful?!? (don't feel that you need to answer that!)

Floorboards are yet to be sanded and polished, but are likely to come out much darker than this. Skirting boards (arriving in 2 weeks) will be quite deep (high) and painted white, we have gorgeous detailed cornices which you can't see in this photo - these plus ceiling will also be white. But to do with the rest of the space? We have a dark timber cot for bub, still waiting for us to pick up at the shop...

At the moment, this room is such a joy to behold! (ha ha) As this is also our spare room for any visitors at the moment, we have kept up the gorgeous gold curtains left behind by the previous owner, which I think adds a little something special...

If you had this room, what would you do with it? The view out the window is the brick wall of the other semi-detached terrace next door... I thought I would throw at you various ideas/rooms that I LOVE, and will look forward to hearing your thoughts back... as always your ideas are welcomed and encouraged!!

--- I LOVE this colour!!! Thanks to Jess from how about orange for pointing me toward this great room seen in 50 of our favourite rooms by dominomag

--- love the details in this room... gorgeous. Of course, we wouldn't expect anything less from a room by house n baby

---I also really love this nursery by Kristi and Nick .

--- think I am particularly struck by the colour combinations in this room, love those blues and greens together! This room by prairieguns .

Of course I couldn't include all of my favourites here... you can see more rooms I love at http://www.flickr.com/photos/summerpickles/favorites/

Thanks lovelies, x

13 May, 2008

gut and butt 31.5 weeks

gut and butt 31.5 weeks, originally uploaded by summer pickles.

ha! just posting this photo cause I can.... makes me giggle...
getting closer... (and BIGGER!)

11 May, 2008

happiness is... a cup of hot chocolate with a dash of anticipation

Happy Mothers Day to all of the mums out there (especially mine!).

We had a perfect lazy day with a dear friend, having a late late late breakfast (in the afternoon) in fitzroy...

Today was my last mothers day without a bub with us in the outside world to help celebrate...

What a lovely day today was.

Hugs to all mums, soon-to-be mums, once-were-mums and fingers-crossed-soon-to-be-fertility-treatment-mums reading this post xo

04 May, 2008

a face only a mother could love...

... at least that what everyone else reckons.. personally, I don't know how anyone could resist this little face?!?

hooray for lazy sundays, going for a walk, sitting out the front and saying hi to the neighbours, cuddling the dog while we both have a sunday afternoon nap... perfect!

03 May, 2008

aaargh!!! fabric fabric everywhere (and no pins)

I was hoping that this post I would be able to show off all of my fabulous stitching with flannel... but alas, no! After a whole fortnight without any space to sew (hurrah for major renovations... you can have a cheeky peek here), I had been building up to the sewing fest which was to be today, all week.

So this morning I cleared some space on our kitchen table/study/clothes storage shelf, asked hubby to drag out the sewing machine, played madly with James Brown so he would be completely worn out and would sleep all afternoon, and waved hubby off to football. Switched on ABC Classic FM and then gathered all of my washed, dried and ironed* flannel together. (I have now bought twelve metres of the stuff and am rapidly developing an addiction). Breathed a happy, blissful sigh of anticipation, and then went to get my sewing box.

Nowhere to be found. Looked in the stacked-to-the-ceiling bathroom, the plaster-dust-covered bedrooms, on the "kitchen table", under the kitchen table... everywhere. I may be a beginner, but I am pretty sure that to sew without pins is just not a good idea.

Oh dear. I think I know where the sewing box is. I think it's in the boot of hubby's car. Bother.

Happy weekend everyone xo

* those of you who know me well (ie. incredibly distant from a domestic goddess) will know how impressive it is that I even knew where to find the iron... or could remember what an iron is...


to my other half who puts up with the mess, makes me happy and keeps me sane.
to my beautiful boys who give me so much i want to remember and make the everyday something to treasure.
to my mum who alway let me play with fabric and the good scissors, and who knows a lot of songs.
to my dad who was always happy for us to make a mess and who laughs at us when we deserve it.
to both parents for making sure i still got the work done.
to my dear friends for listening and for sharing the laughs.
and, to you for visiting!