25 July, 2007

welcome to the outside world little man!

I have some lovely news (and a picture to ooh and ahh over!).

Announcing the arrival of:

Hugo Alexander
Born 23rd July 2007
4.04kg (8lb 14.5oz)

Hugo is the first-born of two of my dearest friends. Congratulations Tash & Pete! We are so incredibly happy and excited for you all, and so thrilled to be able to meet Hugo in the outside world! Welcome little man! May your days be filled with many blessings, love and loads of gorgeous, warm cuddles.


hilde said...

as I said on flickr: wish your friends good luck with their beautiful newborn baby! You must be happy too: it's so special when dear friends have a new baby, it's a bit like you've become aunt!

Angelique said...

How sweet he is!

veronica darling said...

Ohhhhhhhhh, congrats to your friends! What a cutie!


Melly said...

how utterly adorable!!!!! Congrats from here too to the lucky new family!

posiepatchwork said...

Congratulations, he's adorable. Wish them all the best & many more babies, love Posie

summer pickles said...

Thanks everyone for your well wishes (and oohing and ahhing!) I will be sure to pass these on!


to my other half who puts up with the mess, makes me happy and keeps me sane.
to my beautiful boys who give me so much i want to remember and make the everyday something to treasure.
to my mum who alway let me play with fabric and the good scissors, and who knows a lot of songs.
to my dad who was always happy for us to make a mess and who laughs at us when we deserve it.
to both parents for making sure i still got the work done.
to my dear friends for listening and for sharing the laughs.
and, to you for visiting!