03 July, 2007

new button rings

Hi there!

Firstly, two quick apologies:
1. apologies to those of you who were checking here for the information about my button rings and couldn't find the relevant post.... one day late!
2. a second bunch of apologies to those of you who are like me and have visual brains... there are not incredibly details instructions here but I hope you will get the idea...

Anyway, I did promise on my flickr site that I would explain how it was that I made the button rings on my flickr site here and here, so here is the explanation as promised.

Essentially, it all comes down to two things:
1. a ring base (which I found a huge variety of on the weekend in several bead shops on Chapel and High Streets)
2. some great buttons.

Now, I decided to have a play with the ring base which I thought would be most suited to wiring on elements in the first instance.

I thought that this one would be easiest due to the number of holes (so the number of options for wiring positions!). But, it is worth noting that there are loads of different types of these, and you may want to have a play yourself.

The terrifically helpful woman at the shop that I bought these in also suggested that I might like to flatten the ring "plate" to make attachment simpler (can't think of a good technical term, so let's use the word plate for the flatter piece that you attach the buttons to, as opposed to the part that wraps around your finger). She suggested that I used flat nose pliers for this, but I found it easier to push it up against a flat surface (like a tabletop, a wall, or a really big, flat button!).

So when I got home, I found two good looking buttons, flattened the ring plate and then got some really fine wire (I have had some terrible thread snapping experiences, so like to work with wire sometimes), threaded the wire onto a needle, and then basically started stitching the buttons to the ring plate.

I am sure that there must be an easier way than this, but I ended up stitching on all buttons at once (which got me into the terrible craft pose that I often find myself in, with a little tongue poking out the top right of my mouth, and eyes slightly crossed!). The buttons I chose for my first try (in the photos) weren't easy ones either - the smaller one was a shanked button, and I decided to thread this through the larger button (and the shank didn't quite reach all the way through), so a tricky one to stitch!

Perhaps it might be easiest to sew your buttons together first, and then sew them to the ring base?

To finish up I tend to knot and twist to my heart's content so I am convinced that the buttons will not fall off. Final photos are on my flickr site...

Again, the really helpful woman on Chapel St said that I could just as easily glue the buttons on, but I don't know that I am confident enough yet to use glue with some of my favourite buttons... think I will have to try with some less loved ones and then work my way up to my favourites!

Hope this is helpful, and I will try to add more photos soon! Please feel free to leave me a comment or question.

ps. Have also discovered more findings at another store in Prahran, so I will have a play and get back to you... (stay tuned!)

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