08 July, 2007

more button necklaces

I have been productively making more necklaces this weekend, using my existing button collection as well as some of the recent additions received through the mail, so thought I would show them off here...
I am modelling the pistachio one above - much more tricky photo to take than it looks (there is a lot of double chin sucking up going on in this shot!)
Of course, you can get these necklaces at my etsy shop!



Trash and treasure markets were just okay.... found a terrific green tweed coat at the first market, but failed in my haggling... think I need some major lessons there! In spite of the fact that there was a huge hole on the front left (all the way through to the lining), the seller was not going to come down by $5, and in the end, I left it there, thinking it was the principle of the thing (now, I think I should have juist bought it and then I would have been at my sewing machine right now, rather than at my computer!). The second market was much more trash than anything else, and not worth the travel. But, never mind... there is always next weekend!!!

Have a gorgeous week xx


Kaye said...

Hi there, I just found your blog from your flickr page. I just love buttons too. These necklaces are great!

summer pickles said...

Thankyou Kaye!

Bryony said...

Hi.. they are very cute necklaces :) I am just starting the hobby of button necklaces myself and getting VERY frustrated! Your necklaces look great and the buttons all look like they are behaving.. is there any particular techniques and threading material that you suggest using?

I have only been using thin wire really and the line of buttons end up turning on each other and not sitting right at all! Soon to give up.. I have read certain wire is good but can't find a difinitive answer on that and then there's been the suggestion of fishing wire, but as you said with your mobile, working with it needs weight for it to stay straight so I'm thinking it'll twist and turn everywhere in jewellery just like it does with the wire.

Would love suggestions.

I'm loving your blog btw. :))

Best wishes,


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to my dad who was always happy for us to make a mess and who laughs at us when we deserve it.
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