14 July, 2007

guess how thrifty these purchases were!!!

Well! I had some success today checking out some of our great op shops in Melbourne... and this is what I brought home:

This is what this tidy little set of items includes....

3 craft books still with their patterns intact:
* 65 easy to make gifts (1973)
* The best of easy sewing for tiny tots (1992)
* The best of handmade (the Australian Womens Weekly) (1994)
A straight, pink check "tweed-like" skirt (mid calf length... fits beautifully!)
The following fabrics:
* 160 x 140cm brown felt... quite heavy, feels and smells like wool but I could be way off here
* 130 x 100cm licorice allsort pink (ie. pink with black and white stripes) heavy cotton
* 110 x 75cm "flutter bright" by woodrow studio
A fantastic green tshirt
An "interesting" mother of the bride type long sleeved top (with great pearl buttons all the way up the back) - 3D floral lace with sequins (to be pulled apart and made into a bag, or used as embellishments)
25 buttons (see close up below... check out the apricot fabric covered evening buttons... my guess is the 70s...)

Now, here is your challenge, to guess the price paid for all of these items...
Can you guess how much these purchases were?

Oh! I would also be increibly grateful for any advice on how I might be able to save this tshirt... I love it, but I didn't try it on... ...as turns out it just makes me look like a swollen, busty frog... BUT, I love it! So any ideas would be extremely welcomed (and I would be forever thankful... did I mention that I love this shirt?!?)

Thanks everyone, have fun!


Raggy Rat said...

sure wish i could look busy, heehee
i have added a link on my blog back to you too
thanks xxxx

Tara said...

These are tons of books out there these days about re-fashioning t-shirts. Check Amazon for "Generation T" and that search will probably lead you to more books with a similar topic. I love the green shirt! Please let us know what you do with it.

summer pickles said...

Thanks Cat and Tara!
Thanks for the reciprocal link Cat! (lucky me to be linked with raggy rats... thanks!)
Yes, I have a thing about green at the moment... weird, typically I am a pink and orange kinda gal, but green has me at the moment... maybe it is the melbourne winter (when so many of our trees lose their leaves). I wil chase up this book, thanks Tara!
Thanks again, xx

Kylie said...

Great opshoppy finds - Humm to the $$ value (guess it depends on what opshop you got them from - was it the old ones where you can still get things for 50cents or was it one of the "family stores" popping up everywhere?

My guess is $7.50

As for the top - http://www.amazon.com/T-Shirt-Makeovers-Transformations-Fabulous-Fashions/dp/0977753174/sr=1-1/qid=1161104635/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1/002-0533002-7236857?ie=UTF8&s=books

And there are several tutorials here: http://www.amazon.com/T-Shirt-Makeovers-Transformations-Fabulous-Fashions/dp/0977753174/sr=1-1/qid=1161104635/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1/002-0533002-7236857?ie=UTF8&s=books

Hope they are some help to you!

summer pickles said...

Oh Dear Kylie!

Here I was thinking I had been a terrific bargain hunter, but it looks like that's not the case at all!

It all came to a grand total of about $19.00. Perhaps I need to practice the art of the op shop more carefully (but I did get incredibly excited!). I will aim for a lower spend next time and let you know how I go! Oh! and thanks for the T shirt idea.



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