13 July, 2007

NEW button bracelet

I tried to make something new this evening. Sadly, I ran out of wire, so it is a wee bit smaller than I would have liked (so may only fit my skeletor-style wrists!). But here it is....

I really enjoyed layering the buttons (this was a lot of fun!) and deciding which set was going to go on next... fun! (nice to do something newer to me than the button necklaces too... I get bored easily!).

The "clasp" at the back is simply a loop of wire which goes over the other end's button, to button together. This also means that the bracelet (like all of my necklaces) are metal-allergy friendly as I use only plastic coated wire and plastic, wooden, shell or fabric buttons.

Looks as though we will have an interesting group at the next craft circle (aka creative gathering)... a knitter, a dry felter, me (I think I will be felt toy making this time around), perhaps a doodler... exciting skills!

Anyway, I am now going to head off to make the most of a great Friday night tradition of ordering in noodles, watching a chick flick, and perhaps crafting in front of the telly.

Happy weekends everyone (I am op shopping this weekend so hoping to come home with gorgeous thrifty finds!)

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Raggy Rat said...

ooh lovely fun blog and lovely fun bracelet - i have tiny wrists too :-)

may we exchane links?
i have actually started my own blog now

cat xxxx


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