30 October, 2007

ah, melbourne!

I know, I have gone on about Melbourne in the past, but here I go again.... am thinking this might be a regular feature on this blog, so I hope you will be happy to read these mini-tributes to a beautiful city!

So, some of you may remember my writing about Melbourne as a city with soul previously, and about my love of the little laneways with amazing secrets!

Well, this past week was no exception! I was fortunate enough last Wednesday, to go to the famous spiegeltent with some gorgeous friends, to see croque monsieur (wonderful Melbs band... see them if you get the opportunity!). Fab venue, fantastic music... just wonderful (though we wished there was dancing space, as we felt a bit held back by the seating!).

Then, after a brilliant time at the spiegeltent, we went in search of a restaurant one of our friends had heard of, but which none of us had been to.... gill's diner!

Gills Diner is a new favourite. It is NEW and hidden away down a little laneway in the city. The food is divine ! I had squids ink linguine with salted cod and potatoes... oh, so delicious! My friends had the gnocchi al forno (amazing), the fish of the day (melt in your mouth) and the spaghetti marinara (more marinara than spaghetti). We were also fortunate enough to receive a taste of the rabbit wrapped in proscuitto which was just beautiful... can't wait to return! (and very reasonably priced! under $20 a main). I should mention too that the staff were amazing... we could have stayed all night.

Ah, Melbourne. (I am in love).


27 October, 2007

James Brown

James Brown
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My new love.... and what an amazing pressie from my gorgeous hubby!!!

This is James Brown the Pug. What a delight!

(for those of you who don't know, I have been in love with pugs for at least ten years.... I am in doggie heaven!) xx

26 October, 2007

flashback friday! favourite activity

Yep, we really loved this trampoline!

Here we are again, and I think this is probably around 1984-1985, judging by my hair and the appearance of a small Laura in the background!

Happy Flashback Friday!!!

ps. I have worked out that at the moment I can upload pics through flickr-based blog posting, hence the two posts for flashback friday (can only post with one photo at a time this way)

flashback friday! favourite activity

Here we are on the trampoline at Cliff, Mal, Fi and Laura's place. I think by my bad hair and lack of teeth that this must have been around 1982 (I am in the middle). I love Mally (Fi's mum) in the background of this photo! I also love my brother's pose in this one (nice one Rhys!).

This was their place in Gunnedah when we were living in Tamworth... it felt like such a long way as little kids. We would catch up with them probably nearly every school holidays, and in between, Fi and I would write letters to each other (I think I still have these somewhere).

This photo just reminds me of all of the amazing times we had together as kids, and all of the good times we are still having together now (Fi is the mum of the beautiful boy Jye who had his baptism and 1st birthday last weekend).

I can't help but smile and feel incredibly warm looking at these shots, and thinking just how lucky I am to have had friendships which have lasted for so many years.

Happy Flashback Friday!

23 October, 2007

where on earth have I been all this time?

Ignoring you? No.

Well, no, not really! I have been selling our house (or at least trying to!) and then have been traipsing off all over Aus to various family events and get togethers. So, to spare you the details, here is some of what I have been up to, in pictures...

OOOPS! Blogger images not working today.... so here are the links to the photos anyway (but probably easiest to wait for the mosaic!)

1. on the move, 2. the boys, 3. in love, 4. tyges, han and paul, 5. the house, 6. buddies, 8. paul han crop, 9. jye and hannah (fairy godmother)

Also, while I am here, a very big thankyou to all of you for being so supportive of my crafting adventures. I am thrilled to see more positive feedback about my toile bag, so watch this space... they will be appearing in my etsy soon, hopefully in time for Christmas!

Will be back very soon with more updates (and once the house sells I will be back into crafting again - yippee!)

I will chat again soon, promise! xx

ps. be sure to pop back in on Friday, as I have caught up with mum and dad and their photo albums, so have more delightful flashback photos to share! Oddly enough, still no photos of my first dog, Barkly, though.

07 October, 2007

pay it forward, and thankyou!

Well, we have had the first open inspection for our house (! - people inspecting our renovations) and now I have limited opportunities to get the sewing machine out (can't make a mess when we have people potentially popping in at any time to get building inspections, an additional look-through etc etc...).

BUT, I have discovered that if I set my mind to it, between the Saturday lunchtime inspection, and going out on Saturday night, I can whip a little something up (with a little - actually, no, a lot - help from my friend Martine... and the hubby). But more on that later...

Firstly, to announce the winner of the pay it forward craft exchange. I am so sorry that this took me so long. So, drumroll please.... after writing everyone's name on a button, and getting hubby to draw one out, we have a winner.... Linny T! Congrats Linny, you will be receiving a little piece of summer pickles something in the post in November!

Now, about the top.... after much confusion about the top, Martine at greenolive popped in to my flickr page and gave me instructions of her own, which worked beautifully. The hubby was involved by standing near by, making incredibly helpful grunting noises, scratching his head and repeating small sections of the instructions again and again and again (this sounds sarcastic, but it truly was helpful).

So, thanks everyone for all of your help (if this did not come in the form of sewing directions, but in the form of understanding and shared confusion, this was just as good!). And in case you had not guessed, that's it, at the start of this post. I am feeling a wee bit proud of myself right now... (oh, and the lining is a fuschia pink... gorgeous!)

Chat soon,

ps. sorry for missing the Melbs etsy catch up today gals... just remembered about 2 hours ago... this house stuff has completely taken over my brain at the moment. I am very disappointed, and kicking myself a little... hope to see you all there next month.

06 October, 2007

Pattern puzzlement... any ideas?

Hi everyone

Thought I would try to be really clever and "whip up" (ha!) a top (getting really adventurous with the sewing now!!!).

And I am completely STUCK on one stage! Driving me bonkers! Do any of you have any ideas????

I have posted pics of the pattern pieces and the instructions here should you be feeling generous with your advice...


Oh! and we do have a winner for pay it forward... just have to take the photos! (stay tuned...)


to my other half who puts up with the mess, makes me happy and keeps me sane.
to my beautiful boys who give me so much i want to remember and make the everyday something to treasure.
to my mum who alway let me play with fabric and the good scissors, and who knows a lot of songs.
to my dad who was always happy for us to make a mess and who laughs at us when we deserve it.
to both parents for making sure i still got the work done.
to my dear friends for listening and for sharing the laughs.
and, to you for visiting!