07 June, 2007

douglas the monkey

hi again

Well, I have been busily finishing off a wip this week... a (previously) faceless monkey now named Douglas (in honour of my hubby's grandfather who is still alive and well but very very bald --- hubby's idea). This was a brand new pattern thatI dreamed up and so there are definitely some teething problems, but nothing that can't be worked through.

As someone who always overstuffs dolls, I thought I would be cautious and understuff this one, and I am really not happy with the result. I think that all of the stitching lines seem too obvious, and he just doesn't look quite right...

As well I am not entirely happy with his head shape, or flat face, so I am going to revise that as well.

I am happy with the very plain stitched face though. I always try to make my dolls baby friendly wherever possible, so stitching is the best way I know to do this (mostly baby friendly except for the groovy scotty dog I am making at the moment for a 2 year old girl... but that's probably for next post!).

Not sure about his little stubby legs without feet either so I am going to work on some ideas around those too.

I have started to make a funny monster from the same pattern, with some alterations, so once I have stitched and stuffed that I will also show it here as well... probably gives me an opportunity to try some new things with the pattern too without getting too locked into the monkey idea.

But that's about it from me... long weekend coming up, so bring on the sewing! I have started dreaming in toy designs, which is a bit sad, but have started keeping a notepad next to my bed for note in the dark. Last night I designed a rocket and a cute angel, so I aim to get one of them designed and completed (ambitious!) over the weekend.

have a lovely one,

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