23 September, 2007

new button necklace!

Okay, so I still haven't given that monkey a head, but I can't get the sewing machine out at the moment... no space in the midst of renovations!

I have, though, made a new button necklace tonight, in gorgeous autumnnal browns and burnt oranges. I think this is my new favourite! And, it is now available at my etsy.*
It feels good to have done something creative tonight... thanks K for coming over for tea and giving me a little creative boost!

Have a happy Monday everyone!
*sorry, a blatant plug there...


posiepatchwork said...

Oh sweet necklace. I have been too busy to check out blogs lately, so scanned down to the 8 facts about you. Look, after 10 years i still jump into my husbands arms each afternoon - ok, so usually it's with relief, especially when he's been on the range or you know, coming home from a war; & we have lots in common. People think i'm really young (Ok, so i popped out 4 children in the first 4 years out of Uni) but in a "were you a teenage bride & mother" kind of way. I too smile & laugh easily, obviously not enough worries in my world - if only they knew the life of the Army wife, business woman & in my spare time, raising children, keeping house, mowing lawns, bins, gardening, fun fun fun. Oh & now packing for a Christmas move interstate, why not?? Happy sewing buttons, love Posie

Chookyblue said...

nice work........

fiona said...

oh love it!! a great way to showcase lovely buttons, love the plug blaytent or otherwise!!its your show and you can do what you like!!

weirdbunny said...

Oh I love your necklace, buttons are the best ~ Julia x

erin said...

i love the colour combination, and how matte and neutral the buttons are. it's so, so pretty!


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