03 September, 2007

flashback friday! (oops... monday!)... music

Well hello there! Apologies for the looong delay with my flashback friday.... I am rapidly running out of old photos (most are interstate still with my mum and dad), and then got absorbed in packing boxes (yes, we are moving!).

But, having now gotten myself organised, selected three (!) photos and sitting down at the computer I have realised that these photos are actually from 1986.... bother! Not sure if I am now officially disqualified (?) but will share the story anyway...

three little maids from school are we....

Yep, it's a young person's version of The Mikado! In this close up shot just above you can see me in the blue kimono in the middle. One of the things that really makes me laugh is the HIDEOUS makeup they piled on! We were told to white out our eyebrows and draw new ones on half way up our foreheads, and then, the eyeliner! (Terrible on so many levels) I remember being really worried about the top of my kimono popping open during the show, so I think mum pinned it up for me.

In the above shot is Lyndal (my best buddy for much of primary school) and ?Judith. Lyndal was extremely confident... at that stage in my life I was much more of a timid little thing, so Lyndal was great fun to be around. I also remember that her dad had the very best biscuits at his work... chocolate biscuits with marshmallows and Iced Vovos! (so exciting!)

Terrible that I can remember this level of detail, but can't remember everyone's names.

All of the people in this production were still at school. I remember the older boys and girls looked extremely old to me! The woman in the pink kimono was stunningly beautiful, and I wanted to be just like her when I grew up. I think her name was Sam, but I am not sure now... The older boys were funny - I remember during one of the shows one of them sat down and flashed his undies to the audience... absolutely accidental but it got a lot of laughs and he hammed it up to get more giggles out of it.

And I wanted to include this last photo just so you could get a glimpse of the very simple but lovely set. That backdrop was painted by one of the kid's mums, and the trees were branches with crepe paper flowers attached. Lovely!

Happy Monday everyone xx

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whitney said...

I love it! Your commentary with the pictures is always so interesting and full of life. I always remember random details and not seemingly important ones, too. Good luck with the move!


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