13 September, 2007

I have been tagged!

Thanks Miss Cinti from my poppet for tagging me to join in this game... my first tag! And Lou Lou for tagging me again!

First the rules:

A. Each player lists 8 facts/habits about themselves.

B. The rules of the game are posted at the beginning before those facts/habits are listed.

C. At the end of the post, the player then tags 8 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog....so off we go!!!

1. I am still completely smitten by my lovely hubby. Even when he's grumpy. Even with I'm grumpy. He's lovely.
We met at school, where I remember thinking he was one of the funniest and most fun boys to be around. He was my mate, we dated after school, broke up, went our separate ways.... then years later we "bumped into each other" via a group email, he came back to Aus, we got married and are living happily ever after. The End.

2. I call my mum and dad on the telephone - a lot! Quite often I will chat to one of them for my whole commute home from work (hands free everyone... quite legally). They are two of my very favourite people in the world (I am a lucky gal!).

3. I squeeze pimples. I know, it's disgusting, but I do it anyway... oh! and I scratch mozzie bites as well... terrible behaviour. I do intend to floss my teeth every day. I just forget...or don't feel like it.

4. I cannot stand advertising that uses children as props or gimmicks. Children are real little people, not status symbols or objects to be manipulated. I love children and am absolutely passionate about child rights, and supporting families and communities to look after their kids as best they can. I am dearly hoping one day to have a big family (we're working on it).

5. I sing every day, but only in private. Usually in the car, or in the shower. I used to dream that I would be an opera singer. I wish I could sing for my job... I wish I were that good at it.

6. I love Weetbix with cold soy milk and brown sugar... yum! I also love olives, sushi, chocolate, blue cheese and Jock's icecream's hokey pokey (but not all at once!)

7. People always assume that I am younger than I am. I think this is great (though can be frustrating too!). I think it is because I smile a lot, laugh a lot, grin a lot and am a generally happy human being. I also get really openly excited about exciting things. People don't seem to expect this as you get older.

8. My favourite books in the world all make me cry... Jane Eyre, The Time Travellers Wife, and Henry and Amy (yes, it's a children's picture book! but more on that another time).

Now, to tag some friends in blogland:

Linny T
Raggy Rat
Veronica Darling
Dear Fii

Thanks everyone have a fun Friday!


Anonymous said...

You are so game to admit to soooo much.
I too squeeze pimples, you must...
And dental floss, I hate it.
Great tag.

Karen said...

I LOVE Henry and Amy too - the illustrations are to die for, to say nothing of how sweet the story is. It was one of the first books I bought my girls, and they have many...

Raggy Rat said...

jusr catching up on your blog - love your first bag looks cuddly ...
didnt do 8 things as i recently did 8 pictures after being tagged by 'uniqart' - caroline b
but i might do it again soon, as there will be some big changes
cat xxxx


to my other half who puts up with the mess, makes me happy and keeps me sane.
to my beautiful boys who give me so much i want to remember and make the everyday something to treasure.
to my mum who alway let me play with fabric and the good scissors, and who knows a lot of songs.
to my dad who was always happy for us to make a mess and who laughs at us when we deserve it.
to both parents for making sure i still got the work done.
to my dear friends for listening and for sharing the laughs.
and, to you for visiting!