07 September, 2007

flashback friday! sunday best - 1984

Okay, so this flashback friday for me really is about Sunday Best... these are photos of my first holy communion.

I remember these classes after school each week in the lead up - there were lots of people I didn't know in these (we went to public schools but then went into the catholic schools for all of the "training" for the big catholic events). My favourite thing about the classes (and scripture at school) was the singing. I think perhaps if there had been a greater focus on music in the church at that time, then I may have stayed involved for a little longer. I barely remember this day at all. I remember standing out the front with Dad, having mum take these photos, but don't remember much of the actual day at all - I think I must have been nervous (I tend to forget these times when I am really nervous).

I remember that after the day I got into trouble from the nun Sister Eileen, because once the photos were printed, she had discovered I was looking at the photographer in the church when he took the photo of us all lined up to receive communion... apparently I wasn't paying enough attention to the priest!

I used to love Sister Eileen, she was a bit intimidating, but for a while there (around this time) I really wanted to be a nun. That was until I realised that the Pope didn't allow contraception (even then I was worried about those women and families who felt having children was out of their control... public health leanings already?!?). I also remember thinking that most of my good friends were boys and how would I go living without them.

I really like these photos... I think I look really sweet in these... (hubby just thinks I look like a massive nerd!)... and I love my Dad's hair and moustache in the first photo!

Looking forward to checking everyone else out now.... happy flashback friday!


tina said...

i followed your link through flickr and just wanted to share that my flashback friday is of my first communion dress, too!
though i had to go to school there daily rather than after-school like you. we full-time catholic schoolers were always suspicious that the after-schoolers would touch and mess with the items in our desks. :D
your pictures are lovely.
happy flashback friday!

Fiona @ Dragonfly-Crafts said...

Great Photo, I remember my sister's long blonde hair always up with a ribbon. You remind me of her.

Fairlie said...

Lovely photos. Little girls in white dresses always look so gorgeous. Mind you, around here they wouldn't stay white for long...


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