11 September, 2007

lucky me... a gorgeous gift from greenolive!

I had the most wonderful surprise waiting for me today when I got home.... gifts from greenolive!!!

Now, for those of you who don't know greenolive, you should definitely visit her website! Greenolive is Martine Booth, a Melbourne woman who produces some amazingly beautiful crafts.

Just recently I was fortunate enough to win a prize on her blog. It arrived this afternoon, after a looong day at work, and really did brighten up my whole day, and I think will brighten up my whole week... whole month!

So, show and tell time... Here is the package as it arrived (I love this packaging... gorgeous!), and once it was unpacked.

I LOVE all of these brooches!!! I love that they are all hand-stitched (beautifully) and the fabric and colour combinations are just glorious... and thanks for all of the pink and red! Lovely!!! The summery colours and designs of the cards are also gorgeous, and will come to good use as I have recently started sending snail mail again... a lovely personal thing to do I think! (Funny that I have started this recently, now that I am spending so much time online).

(Can you tell by all of my exclamation marks that I am a little excited?!?)

Martine, I hope you don't mind that I tried one out in my hair... when I looked at the lighter pink one I realised how well it would go with my favourite racing carnival dress, and thought perhaps I could wear it as a fascinator?!? I think it looks lovely in hair, too? (Please ignore the saggy I-have-been-in-meetings-or-at-a-computer-all-day-eyes!).

(Ha! Love this look of concentration on my face as I take a self portrait... funny.)

Anyway, a very warm thankyou to Martine --- these are just so beautiful... you have motivated me now to come out to the Mt Dandenong markets and check out your stall! (For those of you not in sunny Melbs you can visit Martine online)

Have a fun week everyone, and thanks again for popping by!xx

ps.... more summer pickles cheeky monkeys in production at the moment... keep an eye open for an update very soon!


greenolive said...

Hi Hannah,

I'm so glad the package arrived, and more importantly that you LOVE the goodies. Clearly your name was meant to be picked out of the hat. Once you'd left a comment about the pink flower I knew it had to go to you. Even better it can be multi-purpose! Thanks for the post about my stuff, really appreciate it. Would be lovely to see you up at Mt D, pick a nice sunny day and have lunch at one of the fab cafes/pubs up here. Enjoy.

Fiona @ Dragonfly-Crafts said...

Lovely parcel.
Note to self Hannah: Smile when taking photo of yourself. LOL
Love the flower and the photo of course.

scrappers@paradise.net.nz said...

What a great parcel! Great self portrait too!

Angelique said...

Love the self portrait.

LouLou said...

Hi Summer pickles - you are it!! that is - you have been tagged. if you would like to take part just go to my site to find out the rules. Cheers, Lou


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