24 February, 2013

speaking of husbies felting woollens...

So, once upon a time I had a favourite cardigan. Pure wool, picked up from an opshop (thrifted) for eight dollars and big enough to keep me warm through my first highlands winter, belly swelling with bub number three.
Mr Pickles did me a favour a couple of weeks ago by washing all of my woollens and then popping them into the dryer. And voila! Felt ;)
Once I finished sobbing (kidding) I decided to make myself a beanie.
It was a piece of cake really:
1. With my cardi flat, and inside out, I traced around the shape of a favourite beanie
2. And then stitched along this line
3. And then cut the stitched beanie out of the cardigan with my pinking shears
4. And turned the completed beanie outside out
5. Done!
6. Oops! Not quite. A few vintage buttons later and...
7. I had a new, cute beanie to wear! I really should have been looking more excited, but I was too busy trying to take a self portrait (it's nothing short of a miracle that my tongue's not sticking out).
And just in time for an unseasonally chilly, wet highlands day.
How about you? Have you done anything with felted woollens? I now have quite a collection to my name, so I'm on the lookout for new projects ;)

Chat soon xo



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