08 March, 2008

So, whaddaya think?

Hello again!

Okay, I am after your opinion, so please stop lurking and leave a comment! What do you think of the new look of this blog? And what do you think of the new summer pickles banner?

The new logo and banner were designed by my incredibly talented and gorgeous sister in law Kylie, you can visit her website here

I will be totally honest and say I love it! Kylie has managed to capture my love of colour, fun and has also given a nod to my use of buttons. I am totally thrilled! But what do you think? Drop me a line and let me know.

Chat soon x


petit elefant said...

Absolutely love it. Very chic.

janice said...

it's super cute, i love it! nice colour and illustration.

however, you may want to save it as gif instead of jpg, to avoid the patchy and blurry area around the tree and summerpickels text, as result of jpg compression. as a rule of thumb to compress web graphics, use jpg for photos, and gif for illustration of this kind.

janice xx :)

Bird Bath said...

It's just right! Lovely logo, the colours are vibrant and I like the photo of your button necklace.

Linny T said...

I think it looks great! Great colours, very cute!

Fairlie said...

Definitely love it! Top job.

h&b said...

purdy, clean, love the colours !

Now ... more on the pregnancy please ( from your most demanding reader... )


dillpickle48 said...

I think it looks great and add style to your blog. Kylie did a terrific job.

www.tantehilde.be said...

It's been a while since I visited your blog, and first I thought: this is not summerpickles, but than: yes it is! My mind is a bit absent, I guess.
But I like it very much! very summerpickles!

greenolive said...

yes, I do like. Looks more professional like.


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