11 March, 2008


Exciting news... it is released! Many of you may not remember that I was approached last year by Affa to show and tell summerpickles necklaces in her DIY craft book. Well, it has been released! And very soon there will be a copy of this book travelling its way all the way to Australia so I can ever-so-casually pop it onto the coffee table... so exciting! Some of the creations within the book look just beautiful... I am truly honoured to be a part of this book!

Thanks Affa x

So, now I am feeling well, inspired and crafty again... where are those buttons???


Akinogal said...
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dillpickle48 said...

Coffee table book? Where are you going to fit a coffee table? Will James Brown eat it?

well done.

Linny T said...

That is such GREAT news! Fantastic in fact! Congratulations!

Bronwyn said...

The book looks great - fresh and bright, just like your new banner. Good job! Keep us in touch when you get it.

SadieandLance said...

Hey congrats on being published. Congrats too on your developing bump! I love a bit of pregnancy news. Obviously I would have congratulated you earlier only I only just stumbled across you via Dear Fi. Love your blog, have just added you to my bloglines.

Lix Bae said...

so i decided to go to bookstore the other day here and guess what? i found this book and i got one. and that's where i found your blog. button necklace's awesome btw ! :)thanks!


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