10 March, 2008

have i mentioned that i don't swim?

Just had a girlfriend call me to invite me out for a swim. I don't swim. I am a fabulous floater, but not a great swimmer, so I don't generally swim. Especially not just for the sake of it. Not in pools. Definitely not on crummy beaches. But if I am at Seven Mile Beach, yes, I will swim.

photo taken by summer pickles, 13th Oct 2006, seven mile beach national park

Girlfriend thought this was weird... is this weird? Probably is very "un-Australian"!

What I do love at the moment is floating and splashing around in prenatal water exercise classes (belly floats above the top of the water like a little island). Loving that. Think the newly acquired flotation devices are helping out a little ;)

photo taken by summer pickles, 5th March 08, newly acquired flotation devices

Happy Monday! x


h&b said...

I don't swim either - same reasons.

Oh, and I don't look good with wet hair, if I may add another 'vanity' reason. Plus all the bather anxiety and the ensuring of all offensive body hair being tucked/waxed/shaved away.

Far easier to paddle. Or sit on the beach and tan/ sip on refreshing bevvies and have a laugh.

Thanks for your offer too - I may just take you up on it !


veronica darling said...

CUTE tummy!

I don't swim south of Ulladulla - maybe I'd go to Brighton Beach if my friend Amy twisted my arm, but I daren't touch the bottom! It's just too cold in Victoria!

xoxo hope you're feeling yummy and well!

summer pickles said...

ha! h&b, I left out the vanity reason, but of course there are those as well! Sitting on a beach with a book has always been a favourite, or walking along the beach with a camera...
veronica darling, thanks for popping in! Yes, I am feeling fat and fabulous, thankyou lovely! Oh! and I found those zippers!!! On their way to you soon... xo

Linny T said...

Hey I'm a Queenslander, live near the water, and still don't swim, in the ocean at least. I attribute that to watching Jaws movies too young!
I actually prefer the beach more in Winter, when the sun is warm and the beaches less crowded.
BTW - you're looking great! Hope you are enjoying your pregnancy. It's a wonderful time!

Fairlie said...

I don't like to swim unless the water is really warm...and by that I mean like a hot bath. And I don't like getting my hair wet. And this is from someone who swam as a sport right up into my 20s.

Good looking floatation devices!


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