28 May, 2008

I'm incredibly excited!!!

our gorgeous hallway, originally uploaded by summer pickles.

Check out our gorgeous new hallway!

Sooo excited that we are getting closer to this house being done.... only floor sanding and polishing, some plaster patching, light fitting selection and installation (I am thinking about the ikea knappa light for the hallway... what do you think?) and painting to go!

And being only 34 weeks well-and-truly-up-the-duff I feel like we might actually get it all done on time for bub's big arrival, too! (It's not just the hallway that's progressing... our nursery is making some serious headway too). We will even have the furniture in the room in two weeks... Yippee!

Anyway, now that the carpenter has gone, I am going to see if I can still pop in on Miss Cinti at My Poppet... will have missed her biggest morning tea (you can make a donation to the Cancer Council here), but it would be lovely to get there to meet her and check out My Poppet!

Have a lovely day everyone!


Fairlie said...

It's looking good...!

We finished off the final sealant on the floor of our newly-renovated house the day before our first daughter was born. Just-in-time renovating. It seems to be the way to do it.

emma said...

Lovely to meet you at My Poppet!
Good luck with the rest of the pregnancy.

my poppet said...

Lovely meeting you the other day. Good luck with the baby xx Cinti

Drewzel said...

Oooh, that's so exciting. Your hallway looks lovely!

Miss Frugality said...

It's looking good!
I like the knappa light....there's one hanging in my living room :-)


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