04 January, 2008

What I did today.... by James Brown the Pug

Well, the day started off well, She was working from home.

So I slept on Her lap for a couple of hours (snoring of course!). BUT, then She left me! All alone!!! I cried at the front door for a bit, paced a bit, went to my food bowl (empty!), and then I saw it.... this place (it was a little bit high) with all of THEIR food on it.

And they had left one of the dining chairs nearby...

It took me a litle while, but I got up onto the chair and then up onto (do they call it the kitchen bench?) from there, and there was water in a cup (from her breakfast) that I finished off and this stuff called bread (I was great at this... I got into two packets and ate half of each!) oh, and there were these round things (the packet said water crackers but there was no water in them.... btw, aren't I a clever pug to be able to read at six months?!?) , and those round things were GOOD (I ate the whole pack).

I couldn't get into everything (like this peanut butter stuff), but what I did eat was GOOD. I do have a bit of a sore tummy though...

She's home now, cleaning up... She's saying I "trashed the place" (!)... All I did was some exploring, with some little snacks along the way!

She has a lot of work to do before this baby thing comes into my house...

Will let you know if I have any more excitement,
James the Pug x

ps. How sweet (and boring!) do I look in this photo?!?


janice said...

LOL! James Brown is really cute! my dog did exactly the same thing while he was about that age, he ate to almost a takeaway container full of chicken rice!

lesson learned, have to clean up straight away! haha!

by the way, I'm Janice, I got here from your flickr album :)

Anonymous said...

Hi there summerpickles - a puppy I once knew are its way through a choccy showbag that wasn't put away high enough - it ended up at the local vet's having its stomach pumped... They do get naughty sometimes don't they - but we love them just the same.. Sharon from Box Hill Angus & Robertson

CresceNet said...

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fiona said...

strap yourself in lovey kids are just as destructive!!! sounds like your getting in some good training though!good luck with the heat tommorrow!

raingirl said...

lolz..ur dog is soo cute


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