01 January, 2008

great new book finds

Hi again and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Last month I was so behind with my posting that I didn't even get to show you what I bought with my birthday book vouchers and $ (thanks Mum, Dad and Auntie Mill). So, here is my show and tell of great new book finds (new to me, not necessarily new books).

At our local (beautiful) secondhand bookshop The Stray Dog Booksellers, I found this gem of a book, which some of my flickr friends have mentioned in numerous chats, The Readers Digest Complete Guide to Needlecraft. I was very excited to buy this book for only $22 (plus a couple of books I sold to the bookshop). I can't wait til all of the boxes (of fabric, beads, craft items etc) are unpacked again and I can play!

In Box Hill, I found these two beautiful books, and had to buy them from Sharon immediately! 500 Handmade Dolls is a book I get completely absorbed in, and is a real inspiration! I only hope that after many more years and many more classes I will be able to produce dolls which are half as stunning as some of these! Softies is probably a book that many of you are familiar with, as it features some of our favourite bloggers and softie makers, including Soozs, Two Little Banshees, and hop skip jump.
The Best of Handmade I found in an opshop some months ago in Dandenong (but since I am showing and telling my books, I have included it here), for the bargain price of only $5. This book was published in 1994, but to me has a strong late 80s feel about it - it is filled to the brim with Australiana. As it is an Australian book, it includes many of the classics you would expect - a folk art painted milo tin of an outback homestead scene, knitted and crocheted koalas, Australian flora cross-stitch and a brightly coloured Australian animals mobile.

Looking forward to sharing the craft that is inspired by these books, and I hope that some of you may be excited enough by this post to track these books down, in an opshop, secondhand bookstore, library or shop.

Have a fabulous week! x

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