01 January, 2008

etsy maternity shopping spree!

Hi all ... I know, two posts in one day is quite extreme! (It's 40 degrees in Melbourne, and so I am enjoying sitting still...)

Guess what? I am getting bigger and growing out of my pre-pregnancy clothes. So, what better than to cruise etsy and look for some great, original items to suit women who are pregnant?

For those of you interested in maternity gifts, be they for you or for a friend, here is a sample of some of my favourites currently on etsy. I have listed the shop names and items below the pics, so you can check out the items in the relevant shops.

Any Australians or New Zealanders on etsy or madeit with maternity items... drop me a comment and I will feature your item in a future post!

Enjoy (and happy shopping if you get inspired!)


h&b said...

I love the "I Make People" button !

Am also sitting here avoiding the heat ( a cool breeze is *just* starting - yay ! )

12weeks is also when I start feeling a bit tight around the middle - it seems crazy, but it's true ! I don't seem to have a good shape for maternity gear though, so tend to buy 'normal' clothes in larger sizes...

Have fun !

Maggie Pie said...

Congratulations! 2008 will be a very exciting year for you...love the mosaic, I wish I knew how to make them. but then I may never stop :P

emma said...

Ditto the "I Make People" button..

I love a pregnancy!! It's SO exciting. Mine were a bit annoying, I'm sure I didn't glow, more like fume/sweat/itch/whinge.
Congratulations, I hope it's all smooth sailing..good timing too. That internal furnace will come in handy in Winter.


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