24 August, 2007

introducing brett the sausage dog

Before I madly hunt through what few childhood photos I have, to try to fit the theme for this week's flashback friday, thought I would give you a wee glimpse of one of my brand spanking new softies who is currently on his was to the US in a padded postbag, as part of a swap on flickr.

This is Brett the Sausage Dog. Dear little Brett... he is a bit of a nervous one, but loves a bit of adventure (dealt out in portions he can deal with).

The idea for Brett came only from the fact that my US swap partner loves dachshunds. But I think in the end, he turned out to be a lot of fun! I was also very excited that I made Brett from my existing stash of fabric and eyes to meet the conditions of the Use What You Have group, and that he also fitted in with the flickr Get Your Craft On theme for August (polkadots).

I am trying to decide now if I should focus on making more members of Brett's family, Frank's family, Penelope's family or Douglas' family first! (Ah, the decisions!!!)

Happy Friday!


three buttons said...

oh you have to pop over and meet http://boobooksausagedogs.blogspot.com/, she loooves sausage dogs!

boobook said...

Brett is beautiful! What bright eyes and big chest bone is has. Very Sausage Dog spot on!!

Oh thank you for popping over. So nice of angela to suggest too!
I look forward to visting more often.

Happy Saturday
Brooke and Moca

Betty Jo said...

There must have been sausage dog vibes floating around in the crafty ether last week.
Brett is very handsome dog I may add.

Anonymous said...

hello Hannah and Brett, guess you have found boobook! was just going to suggest Brooke and Moca as well.


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