17 August, 2007

flashback friday! group photo 1985

Ah, you can't get a whole lot more Australian than this! A good old backyard barbie on the grass.... perfect!

This photo was taken on my 10th birthday. My brother and I used to alternate years for our birthday parties, and it was his turn in 1985. Somehow I still managed to have this great party with all of these grown up (and a few kid) friends! I remember this day, I had such a great time... and I remember the smell (again, I know I go on about smells but this one is really fresh in my memory!).

I am the one with the long blonde hair (centre part, no fringe), facing the camera, in a very gorgeous pale mint green dress, holding a spare rib through a paper serviette (I am still a bit funny about sauces and other sticky foods on my fingers). I used to LOVE this dress! It had mesh inserts (very cool) and these great short sleeves that you could loop up and shorten if you felt like it... it was a great dress! Oh and eyelets for detail everywhere too.

My dad has his back to us at the barbeque, and mum is, of course, taking the photo. (Hang on a second, I think my dad still has that shirt!?!)

What I really love about this photo is just how relaxed a bbq really was then, there's no special outdoor furniture, no special outdoor crockery, we are not in an "outdoor room" but in the backyard (some of us were even sitting directly on the grass!), no one is all dressed up, dad is cooking on the barbie he built himself, everyone is eating with their fingers.... oh! and the hills hoist in the centre of it all!

Ah, the simple pleasures of the 1980s!

Have a beautiful weekend!


Cherryskin said...

Love the reminder of how BBQs were all about chilling out (and meat!) back then!

Fairlie said...

Oh, I remember BBQs like that - before the Beefmaster 1000s and Jamie Durie's outdoor rooms took over the lawn! Love the Hills Hoist.

Helen said...

Fantastic shot! We had BBQ's just like this, sooooo Australian now! Love it!

alabamawhirly said...

what a lovely image - bbq's were moderately irregular back then in the UK - I love your description of your outfit, the smells and your eating peculiarities

whitney said...

I know what you mean about smells - I have so many memories with smells attached. Do you ever just catch a scent and it immediately brings back some lost memory? Love the BBQ shot.

Dragonfly-Crafts (Fiona) said...

Love this very Aussie photo. I agree, you can't get more aussie then that. The only thing missing is the blacket over the Hills Hoist to provide more shade. I also love that no-one is posing, too busy eating and talking.

summer pickles said...

Thanks for all of your comments everyone. Ha! Just realised I have now given away my age!
I agree Fiona - we should have had the blanket over the hills hoist. I wonder if we didn't on that day because we were sitting on it (the brown blanket with the orange and blue stripes we are sitting on was the one which usually got thrown over the clotheline for shade.
Hoping everyone has a gorgeous weekend, xx

Claire Falkingham said...

What a fantastic photo! love the Hills Hoist, and the smokin' BBQ!


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