10 August, 2007

Flashback friday! Fancy dress

Hi there - just arrived back from holidays a whole half an hour ago, realised it was flashback friday and jumped on to update my blog immediately! I have just checked with the new flashback friday flickr group , and this week's theme is fancy dress. What a terrific theme!!!
My mum was the queen of fancy dress... here you can see me in 1985 (whew! just made it) dressed up as Heidi for book week - think the skirt was made from just a rectangle of fabric with some elastic at the top, the vest is made from felt. My brother on the left is dressed as Hans Christian Anderson, wearing a homemade seersucker vest. Mum was amazing!!! On other book weeks I went as a witch (very cool - 1987), the queen of hearts, a princess (of course!), Pandora (1986).... loads of cool outfits and even better props (mum was also queen of props, and helped me top make a cauldron for my witch outfit, a box for Pandora etc...).
And, it wasn't all saved up for book week! We also had a fantastic dress up box, including some of the most incredible shoes!!!
Hats off to my mum who is imaginative, creative and fun and encouraged us to be the same. (Thanks mum xo)
Chat soon, and have a gorgeous weekend!
ps. Mum just taught me the very basics of crochet while on holidays at her place... I will add some funny photos of beginners crochet once my camera is charged up again!


Fairlie said...

Found you via a comment somewhere else (can't remember where!)

I have a Mum like that too! We had some amazing fancy dress costumes, and although I'm not overly crafty myself, that is one thing I do try to repeat for my daughters. I always make an effort for anything they need to dress up for - and they have a great dress-up box.

Heidi and HC Anderson are fantastic! Clever Mum of Summer Pickles.

one little acorn said...

Great costume and the plaits are very cute. So simple and so effective!

Claire Falkingham said...

Oh you look so gorgeous!! My Mum was not a dress-up-type-Mum, I'm making up for it with my Little P!

posiepatchwork said...

See, you have happy memories as you were the older sibling. How does your brother feel?? As the 4th born, i was always the pet, gimmic or boy. Lovely. My mother was an amazing seamstress too, only in the Von Trapp kind of way, surely we all had matching shorts, vests & tunics from old curtains!! Gee, blog commenting is like therapy, thanks for the trip down memory lane. Sigh, love Posie

Dragonfly-Crafts (Fiona) said...

Great photo. I'm so envious of you girls who's mum made great outfits. My mum was a lovely sewer but not in the dress-up department. Maybe we didn't want to either.
I thought you were one of the daughters from The Sound of Music.
Hope you had a nice holiday and glad you found the most important thing to do when you got home. (Post your FBF photo)

Miss Frugality said...

What a talented mother- and you both look so cute!

Sheeps Clothing said...

Great costume! Lucky you had the plaits to go with it.
I don't remember many dress ups, but I do remember the great ballet costumes my Mum sewed for me. If I were more organised (and parents and photos weren't hours away), I'd have dug out one of those for today's flashback.
Love last week's photo too - I think I had that pram as well. Must have been a popular design.

whitney said...

That is a gorgeous photo. You kind of remind me of Small World at Disneyland - you can be the small world princess!

corry said...

It sounds like your mum is a real creative woman! What a nice picture!


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