23 May, 2013

trackie thursday!

Yay! Another week, another trackie thursday.

For those of you just tuning in, trackie thursday is our slow day. No preschool, no playdates, no swimming lessons, no reason to leave the house, or even get dressed. trackie thursday is our day of rest.

Today we did have some friends pop in in the morning, but then all was quiet, it clouded over and got seriously cold. We braved the cold for our daily walk, and then got home with still 90 minutes to go until bathtime and the nighttime chaos/rituals.

So, remembering a fine idea I had seen recently on pinterest we set out to try to make one of these:

Now, I don't know about your kids, but my kids just don't make stuff that looks like this (perhaps they may one day). Instead, we made something that looked a little more like this:

So theatre designers we may not be, but it seems panto performers we are! We all happily whiled away nearly two hours on the making and then the performing and watching. What great fun! And of course, the dinos had to be in the audience, too.

Have a happy week! xx

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Anna said...

We have pj Fridays usually because Thursday is swimming lessons but I love pj Fridays. Especially if my kids are playing nice :). Love these little theatres, outs would also look like your boys' theatres. We're planning a kids craft day playmate in the next school holidays. Think these theatres might be just the thing! Thanks :)


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