19 August, 2011

ugh. can't talk, studying.

Timothy Buckwalter
So much for my resolution to post at least weekly with a summary of all things crafty going on.Uni has once again taken over. Thankfully though, if all should go well this semester (a BIG if - research design is one of my subjects this semester), I will only have one semester to go. And then I will have a Masters in something not particularly useful or meaningful (!), particularly given my fulltime stay at home mummy duties, but I am sure I will get a warm inner glow of pride and self-satisfaction on graduation....

I started this degree waaaaay back in 2006 - four pregnancies, countless fertility treatment cycles, two home renovations and two beautiful boys ago. So not surprising in some ways that it has taken this long. But really completely unlike me to actually stick at something for this long, particularly something I don't really love.

It makes me think of other things I would love to be doing with my time, if I had those extra hours up my sleeve - sewing, learning patternmaking, cleaning (okay, I wouldn't love to do this, but it does need doing), having cups of tea, reading the Age on the weekend, oh! and during the week, drawing, reading books for enjoyment and stimulation (as opposed to my current diet of finance textbooks and statistical databases), sitting in the park and not worrying about the next assignment, or how I am going to fit study in this week.

Oh dear. I mentioned study, didn't I? Enough procrastinating! State government financing, here I come...

Chat soon, and with photos, promise! xo

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to my other half who puts up with the mess, makes me happy and keeps me sane.
to my beautiful boys who give me so much i want to remember and make the everyday something to treasure.
to my mum who alway let me play with fabric and the good scissors, and who knows a lot of songs.
to my dad who was always happy for us to make a mess and who laughs at us when we deserve it.
to both parents for making sure i still got the work done.
to my dear friends for listening and for sharing the laughs.
and, to you for visiting!