28 August, 2011

new year's resolution results in less than successful dressmaking.

the saggy baggy elephant by kathryn jackson


Little Pickle asleep. The Gherkin at occasional care. Me, on the loungeroom floor, cutting fabric.

Then some days later...

Little Pickle asleep. The Gherkin asleep. Both of them, snoring by 9pm. My uni work done for the week. Mr Pickles going to bed. My seizing the opportunity with both hands and heading out to the back room for some time with my fifteen year old Brother (by this I mean my sewing machine, of course). Off to sew a cute little stretch denim number, perfect for spring, over tights, tees, leggings, or bare legs with boots, or under cardis (plus brooch, of course!). I had even selected a cute black and white polka dot bias binding for the neck.

Some two hours later I had a dress! But sadly, dear reader, it does not fit. You see, the dress is supposed to be relatively loosefitting, but the gaping at the back is extreme. I had to readjust the pleats at the front as I went, but missed the work needed at the back (one day I will invest in a dressmakers dummy). So the unpicker is getting a workout this week, and I will be learning to fit a dress...

I will pop up my pre-post photos once I have finished... wish me luck!

What are your handy hint for fitting clothes? Do you make changes to the pattern before you start to sew? Or do you fit later?

I think probably those of you out there who know how to do it will not be spending this week unpicking bias tape and trying to pin something that is going on behind your back... that will be me. But, you know, I am not dreading it as much as perhaps I could be - I am still on track for ticking off one of my crafty resolutions of the year - yippee!

Chat soon lovelies, xo

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Sharon said...

Sewing can be one of those frustrstiong endeavours - but on the upside - very rewarding... I come from a long line of dressmakers but have rarely voyaged into those particular waters... But in saying that I have made a few things which Ihave been proud of... I think to get the precise measurements is a given as most (all) patterns look at the average body type... Show me an average body and I'll eat my pinking shears... It all so depends on the fabric used...Very rarely does the wrong fabric work... I don't know if you have ever read sooz's blog - she would be in your age group and does alot of sewing - she also has some helpful suggestions and I believe she teaches sewing down here in Melbourne...
http://soozs.blogspot.com/ My other suggestion is to keep having a go and perhaps find your local sewing shop or guild...

Take care

Sharon xx - Melbourne


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