13 July, 2011

more crocheting joy!

Yippee! This crochet bug has certainly caught me! I spent last night after the boys had gone to bed working on this little beauty:

crochet from 70s pattern book

This is the Arden from Modern Crochet by Penelope Book 3, sorry, again no year of publication, but my googling suggests this might be 1940-early 1950s. This is such a gorgeous pattern book! And whilst frowning to make sense of the pattern directions in Penelope Book 3 (what is a double treble again?), I also had on my lap my copy of Crochet Monthly number 137 (published 1990), which has a brilliant stitch and technique guide in the back.

This was so much fun, though at one stage I really thought I might throw it in... this one took me probably the better part of two to three hours (but please remember this is all still very new to me and I am still learning stitches as I go!).

On other news, both the Gherkin and Little Pickle have the flu, so days are long, but nights are, well, relatively quiet. But yesterday we had some lovely hours with the sun streaming through our windows - one of the redeeming features of this little house, and so different from both of our little terraces in sunny Melbs.

big boy blowing bubbles for little boy in highchair xo

Chat soon! xo

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to my other half who puts up with the mess, makes me happy and keeps me sane.
to my beautiful boys who give me so much i want to remember and make the everyday something to treasure.
to my mum who alway let me play with fabric and the good scissors, and who knows a lot of songs.
to my dad who was always happy for us to make a mess and who laughs at us when we deserve it.
to both parents for making sure i still got the work done.
to my dear friends for listening and for sharing the laughs.
and, to you for visiting!