30 May, 2011

shhh! (secret squirrel)

Shh! Secret squirrel post below...

I have another little boys' birthday coming up. The gherkin is turning three! Already...

And there is one thing that he love love loves at the moment - pretend play, especially relating to cooking, or picnics or cafes (gives away how we spend much of our time, really). So (shh) for his birthday he is getting something very exciting. A kitchen! So I have been trawling the net, looking for play kitchens online, cause this is something I want to make myself.

I thought before I start, I might include some inspiring images. These are some of my very favourite toy kitchens from around the web. Enjoy!

I will be posting here as I get mine going, as well as posting my felt food successes (and messes!). I know, the web is already overcrowded with pictures of toy kitchens, but this one is for a boy, and my boy, to boot.

Chat soon xo


Boxoftrix said...

Im doing exactly the same thing right now for C :) I have been on the look out for about a month or so for a good piece to work on and have now come to the conclusion that, as there are very little wider style bedside units to be had around here I might actually go along the eco friendly route and totally re-cycle cardboard boxes to make the perfect sized unit for a play kitchen...thats my thinking today anyway! I loook forward to seeing what you make x

sleepydwarf said...

Very cool! Little cousin M also loves kitchens and is becoming quite the chef :) We got him a stove top thing for his birthday last year. He was very chuffed.


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