13 June, 2008

this is... my favourite travel memory (albeit belated!)

So, after much joy reading many bloggers' this is... posts, I decided to give it a go. And promptly missed my first this is... post! Terrible behaviour for a newcomer... sorry Angela! A very warm thankyou to Hila for this week's theme... I am always up for some reminiscing...

No, the colour on your monitor has not gone loopy, this is actually the colour of the water and sky at Bora Bora. (Check out the google maps satellite pic if you don't believe me!). This is not by any stretch the most scenic of photos we took of Bora Bora (I have realised none of these are on flickr so will be uploading them in the next week or so), but look at how blissfully happy those two newlyweds look! (and how skinny I looked before starting art and eventually getting a big round pregnant belly!) This was taken in 2004, on our honeymoon, which was just incredible. I swam with manta rays (purely by accident) which I think is still one the highlights of my life... oh, and I got the hubby all to myself for nearly two whole weeks, which was just perfect (I would love to have more time together... he's alright).

Taking us back a bit earlier, to the 80s sometime, this is another great travel memory, at Valla Beach. The four of us went there on our own (ie. mum, dad, two kids), and also went with my godparents and their two kids. The visit with my godparents and their two kids is the trip I remember best. We had so much fun, playing on the beach, making up songs as we walked along the wooden bridge to get to the beach, hanging out on bunk beds at night... it's a great childhood holiday memory to have. And, very exciting to actually have a photo with my mum in it (she is the hot one in the short red shorts - great legs mum!).

Interestingly, I grew up in the bush, but both of my fave travel memories involve the sea. My favourite home, too, (right up there with current home with hubby and the dog and soon to arrive baby) is my single gal home at seven mile beach, Gerroa in NSW. I may have grown up in the country, but the sea has always been calling.

What are your favourite travel memories? Is it about the place? The people? Or even perhaps the food? (I will never forget the Polynesian raw fish salad... heavens above, what a delight!)

Chat soon, xo


Leni & Rose said...

Lovely memories! I've always wanted to go to Bora Bora...looks amazing!

Fairlie said...

Great travel memories!

We had our honeymoon on the Cook Islands - sounds like Bora Bora was better...


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