30 June, 2008

this is... my best op shop find...

(or thrifted , garaged saled, trash and treasure marketed, side of the road scavenged.....)

One of the saddest things about renovations is having some of your most treasured objects in storage. Thankfully, I still have three of my favourite secondhand finds out of boxes, to photograph for this week's this is ....
I found five of these anodised canisters in a secondhand store in Canowindra, NSW, one day after work. Freshly moved out of home for the first time, I found these and immediately fell in love, but didn't know if I could afford them. The women in the store kindly let me put them on laybuy, and I paid them off over a few weeks (sounds like an extremely extravagant purchase, but they weren't - I was just a poor newly graduated and very cautious health worker!). The two not included in the photo (in boxes somewhere) are a traffic light green rice canister and a salmon pink coffee canister. They are such a gorgeous set! My one regret was leaving behind the matching breadbin and another tall canister - when I went back the following week, these were gone.
Then, one day driving through Berry, NSW, I felt the urge to go to the local markets, where I found an amazing matching stacked set of cake, cookie and scone canisters (also currently in a box somewhere) at one of the trash and treasure stalls.
I now know there are also spice canisters which match, and will keep searching until I find them... it's become an addiction! I love all things anodised but especially love these... my favourite all time op shop find!

Thanks to Lino Forest for this week's theme!


Karen said...

These are gorgeous - they remind me of some from my Grandma's kitchen years ago.
Also definitely go for a cutting mat and rotary cutter - they're great even for non-quilting projects such as coasters and straps for bags.

Fairlie said...

That is indeed a very cool op shop find.

I love those anodised sets of picnic cups. They come in a leather holder. You can sometimes find those at op shops too.

.girl ferment. said...

A friend of mine swears by Canowindra second hand shopping. Great cannisters.

Swirlyarts said...

These are gorgeous!

Betty Jo said...

Yum, Yum, double Yum.
Now I'm itching for you to unpack those boxes so we can see some more anodised goodness.
Nice thrifted story.

Drewzel said...

Okay, now i have serious cannister envy!!!! I LOVE the labels on them best.


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