28 June, 2008

such a well behaved little pug! ... and a work in progress...

Sometimes our litle dog just surprises us... As he did tonight, when he sat (yes, he is sitting in this photo) on the end cushion of the lounge and just watched me arrange all of these fabric pieces, trying to decide on a layout for bub's quilt. No picking up a piece and running down the hallway, no walking all over them, no licking them to try to get any loose threads... What a good little dog!

I am trying to make a quilt for floor time for our very-soon-to-arrive baby, without any of the usual quilting tools. It will be a four block, nine patch quilt (after some searching on on the good ol' internerd I think this is what quilters would call it?). After some handy hints from Lara though, I am seriously considering buying myself a cutting mat, rotary cutter and transparent ruler. If you haven't seen Lara's quilt yet, you might like to check it out here.

Perhaps with the right tools my quilts might be a bit more successful - better than when I rely on a dodgy paper template and a pair of scissors?

Will post an update when I get closer to completion...

Have fun everyone!


h&b said...

Lovely quilt !

i'm somehow distracted by that berry pav on your sidebar though .. mmmm ;)

Drewzel said...

Quilt is looking ace. And such a gorgeous pug. My dog Lola is in the bad books as she chewed one of my fave Colarado sandals last night. grr. Wanna swap? hahah.

veronica darling said...

He is a good dog! You are so gorgeous little Pickles! And by gosh your Baby Pickles is going to bounce around SOON, you're looking HUGE (and cute)!

Oh P.S we finally bought a house in Syds (been looking for AGES) and very happy with a totally renovated bargain of a place! In Newtown! GOSH!


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