17 April, 2008

flannel bonanza!

Hi all
Well, as many of you know, I went to the stitches and craft show, and I did make some purchases, but then moved out to have the house restumped, couldn't find my camera charger, the list goes on!
At home with the dog today, sitting in front of the computer, quilt curled around me, drinking pineapple juice... (if I wasn't a snot monster this might just be heaven... oh, and of course if the hubby were her -- oops!), and remembered I hadn't done the show and tell with my flannel purchases. So here they are....

I only bought one fat quarter of each one (I was at a quilting stall, but had no idea how big that was... how embarrassing!), with the thought of stitching them all together to make a wrap or floor mat or something for our new person in the making. What do you think? This is what I think I will do with them....

It will be my first ever quilt though so I am a week bit nervous... any handy hints more than welcome. I am also interested if you quilters think that how I have mocked up the design on the computer is legitimate, or if I should be waiting til the pieces are cut before deciding on the layout?
Have a lovely Thursday, Friday and weekend x


Linny T said...

I have no advice when it comes to quilts, but I have enlisted my mother's help to make a couple of my own. Seems easy, i'm sure there will more than meets the eye though. Good luck with yours. Looks good! And hope you are over your snot attach soon!

Bronwyn said...

Looking great! Maybe do some big hand-stitching in the big blocks of a heart or swirls?

Helen said...

I have the same flower print but in cotton. Its lovely! Haven't cut mine yet! LOL The layout you mocked up would work perfectly I think, nice and simple but still stunningly effective. :)

Jelly Wares said...

The flannel looks great, I love the colours!!! I also love the way you've arranged them all, looking forward to seeing it all sewn together..

Jodie :)

Sonnja said...

The flannel looks great, lovely colours!
Kind regards

Beertje Zonn

Lonie said...

Love the colours and the design. The pattern should hide vomit (and other) stains well too!

veronica darling said...

Give it a red hot go! That's my motto! I've never quilted before (in a big one like that) but did little tests on smaller scraps and it seems ok! Think of Dolly and her Coat of Many Colours!!! I always think of that song when sewing up scraps!

xoxoxoxoxoxoxoox all the best honey, Veronica Darling


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