16 April, 2008

chicken soup... no, not for the soul, for the 'flu

One of the girls from work brought her rotten 'flu to the office, and now I have it. Have been feeling gross all day (have discovered the 'flu is much worse when you're working on building a baby), and so decided it was time for some chicken soup.

Here is my recipe for chicken noodle soup... (makes enough for two to three people)

garlic - as much as you like
ginger - as much as you like (I put in plenty - I love it!)
onion - a small one, cut into little moons
chilli - as much as you like
chicken stock - around 4 cups
soy sauce - a good few splashed
mushrooms - a few, chunky slices
boy choy - quite a few bunches
coriander - as much as you like
chicken - I like to use chicken breast, but you could use thighs
enoki mushrooms - a good handful
noodles - preferable flat rice noodles, but udons are okay too
sesame oil

Pop some sesame oil (not much at all) into the bottom of a deep non stick saucepan. Throw in some slices of ginger, garlic, and some onion crescents. Then throw in your mushrooms (not the enokis just yet). Stir them around til they're coated in the sesame oil and starting to stir fry a little. Then, pop in a few good splashes of soy sauce, spin that around with the ingredients already in the pan for a short while, and then pour in your chicken stock. Slide your chicken (chopped into chunks) into the stock and bring to a boil. This is when I throw in the first handful of coriander. Pop your noodles in at the same time - these will not take long to cook at all. Once your chicken is looking just about cooked through, rest your bok choy on top of the soup along with your enoki mushrooms. Allow these to soften up and then serve.

You can garnish with some extra chilli and extra coriander (mmm...)

This soup tastes great, but also makes the house smell divine, and does make you feel better, even when you have a rotten 'flu! Oh, and the dog loves it... check him out in this photo, hoping to get some! (He didn't get any because of the onion and chilli, but he did win a couple of small pieces of chicken breast... spoilt little dog!)

Have a gorgeous week everyone x


Fairlie said...

Hope you feel better soon.

That soup recipe sounds delicious!

SadieandLance said...

Oh Ms Pickles the flu totally sucks! Get lots of rest and a baby maker should have no guilt about doing such important things as putting ones feet up and relaxing at all hours of the day.

I have another really good chicken soup recipe that is fab for getting over the flu. I'll email it to you.

PS Welcome to the AADC!!! Lets see a pic of the doll!

petit elefant said...

get better. that's absolutely rotten. and you're headed into cold weather this time of year no? blech. hope the soup helped. it looks delicious.

h&b said...

God YUM !

I always load up on chili, garlic, ginger and mushrooms when flu season hits in the winter - nothing makes me feel better.

There's a lovely Ginger Chicken recipe on AllConsuming ( it's a Bill Grainger recipe, so you could google it too ) which works in the same way, albiet as a solid rather than a soup - highly recommended !

My boy picked up a cold yesterday ( from where ? ), and has his b'day party on Sunday, so i've got a few days to batter the damn thing down, poor pet ...

Hope you feel better soon and BAH! to germy co-workers !


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