28 December, 2007

Terrifically Positioned Time Capsule... aka the house update

Hello all!!!

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas (to those of you who celebrate it) and if you don't celebrate Christmas, hope you enjoyed the public holidays. I am currently on leave from work, and it is absolute bliss! So I have been avoiding the computer (as I spend most of my working life in front of one), but realised it was really overdue for me to give you the house update... so here it is!

Soon we will be moving to the inner north side of Melbourne! (Very exciting).
Our new home to be (late January) was advertised as a "Terrifically Positioned Time Capsule" (a change from the usual term "renovators delight"... must admit I enjoyed their creativity here).
It's a 3br brick terrace with only one shared wall and a walkway down the left hand side. The bedrooms have striped wallpaper and shag carpet (noice!). Walking down the hallway past the bedrooms it has a large lounge room (2 whole metres deeper than the one we are in now) and an eat in kitchen. The bathroom and laundry (both in reasonable, if not pretty, condition) are at the back, before you head out to what we describe as an enormous backyard (after living with one just the size of one car for two and a half years). But enough words, I am sure the photos are much more exciting!

A couple of quick FAQs...
Is this another home you are planning to renovate?

What's the first job on the list of things to do?
After any structural repairs we get into the fun stuff. Probably the shag carpet and the wallpaper in the bedrooms will be the place we start.

When will you get the time to do the renos?
In all of our "spare" time (!).

How long do you think you will live in this house?
A while... five? seven? years probably.

Any more questions are welcomed!

Have a fabulous week xo


h&b said...

oh, you are so kind to me ! :)

Same vintage/style, so you will be well versed in the can do's and can-nots, which is an advantage. I think after one reno anyway, you learn so much and are basically an old hand at things. So much fun !!

Congrats again, and good luck & have fun. Can't wait to see all the horrid ripping-out-shag-carpet pics and etc. No doubt you'll do well.

Are you doing what we did and renovating and selling to make more money to buy the home you really want for good ?

Maggie Pie said...

Congratulations on the new house..you must be very excited. Have you got plans for the yard/verandah?

summer pickles said...

Hi both of you!

Yep, this house is another step toward our dream (forever) home... having said that, there is some discussion at the moment about what that will actually look like, but I am a determined (stubborn?!?) woman! (I know what it will look like already!)

Our plans for the yard aren't clear yet... (we will let you know as soon as we know).

Chat soon x

fiona said...

where will the baby sleep???

h&b said...

You sound like me - i'm the determined stubborn homemaker here.

Hubs and I define ourself into 'creative' and 'financial' directors. Less drama :p

It looks like a great project.
Hopefully you will get a low-maintenence baby like my firstborn.

He's an old renovating pro these days...


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