03 November, 2007

flashback friday! my stylish mum

Hi all

Sorry, one day late with this post... dad's visiting from interstate at the moment which is lovely, keeping me away from the internerd!

So for flashback friday this week we are talking about our stylish mums. This one is tricky for me, given that it was always my mum behind the camera (as I have mentioned before, mum looks like she was MIA for much of my life... not many pics!).
The photo at the top of this post is just a beautiful photo, and mum looks gorgeous. This was taken in Nyngan (NSW), in our front yard. This must have been around 1981. Sadly, like many of our early family photos, the photo has not travelled well over time. But it is still a beautiful photo and one of the few we have with all four of us together. Look how happy and relaxed we all look! Love it.
I always thought Mum's hair was amazing. In the 70s it was long, in the 80s she had a bob with the spike/mullet top.... so cool. I really wish I had more photos of mum so I could have included a hair mosaic here... mum's hair has pretty much always been great. And at her 50th birthday it looked amazing too - good hair for mum wasn't limited to the 70s and 80s.
I wish I had copies of these photos to share here:
1. A wedding photo: mum had the most gorgeous wedding outfit. It included a stunning lace coat, which had a wide hood. Stunning. And very 1972...
2. Mum in her purple kaftan. Very cool.
3. That photo that mum and I were looking at just two weeks ago with the white top with the embroidered detail.
4. The 1980s blue dress with "wings" (batwing sleeves... very "in the moment"!). Mum definitely did the 80s with style. She was the shoulder pad queen, and had some great clothes in the 80s. But this was my favourite.
5. A photo of mum from the Miss Industry pageant (Broken Hill). Noice.

Have a great weekend everyone!


ps. Hope you are having a good weekend Mum, we will return Dad soon xo.

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Fiona @ Dragonfly-Crafts said...

Oh you lived so close to me. Were you still in Nyngan when they had the flood?
Great photo and wish we could have seen the other too.


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to my dad who was always happy for us to make a mess and who laughs at us when we deserve it.
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