13 February, 2010

cuckoo! feeling completely inspired

Pink Rose Cuckoo Clock, originally uploaded by Betty Jo Designs.

So, some weeks I am having bursts of happiness about my levels of crafting, and other weeks, well. nothing. And then other weeks I find someone, or rediscover someone who I love and admire and want to grow to even have one hundredth of their talent and skills.

I have been a fan of Betty Jo Designs for ages, and KEEP HINTING TO MY OTHER HALF THAT I WANT ONE OF HER GORGEOUS CUCKOOCLOCKS FOR OUR HOUSE (see hon, here I go again, only in CAPS this time... please take note!). But then today jumped onto flickr and discovered she is now also making very elegant bird clocks too.

I love these too. Is it wicked to not be satisfied with just one though? I would want at least three so they could fly up my kitchen wall....

I am also being incredibly inspired by wood wool & stool who just do beautiful things with crochet...

Next post I will show and tell the baby blanket... slooooowly growing (I think it's nearly there!)

Hope all are well and happy xo


SharonH said...

Hi there - Sharon here.. You should be able to delete both entries fairly easily... The comment space has the small garbage can beside it...

Kate and Oli said...

this cuckoo is amazing!! :) love the colors!

i stumbled across your blog and love it! just wanted to say hi!

xo, katie


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