01 October, 2013

stop! hammer time.

Yippee! Who could forget hammer time. Just found the best pattern for hammer pants (aka harem pants, parachute pants, etc...).

I had started on some hammer pants some time ago, but then had an extended adventure in the land of unpicking as I had actually made the waist/crotch too long, and had tried to be really clever and attach a separate waistband, before I tried the pants on Baby Pickles. I'm not sure I am using the right terminology here, but let's just say that the waistband came up to his armpits - seriously not cool. If only I had used a pattern, I may have saved myself a rare and precious spare hour.

Here is Baby Pickles in all his hammer pants glory.

Apparently, hammer pants are an all-weather pant (!) and perfect for days that might include: trips to the park, eating raw potatoes straight from the vege patch, and hanging out with pugs. (Apologies for the photo quality - there's only so much an early-noughties, pug-chewed phone will do).
These were made from a fantastic vintage homewares (curtain?) fabric I found for just 50 cents at one of my very favourite local opshops. The opshop is a complete mess, but has some real gems if you are willing to spend time sorting, especially in the fabric and books section. The thrill of the chase! I thought I was really clever making these without a pattern, but the time it took to work it all out! I did like the little detail I did on the outside left leg, which was really just a loop of fabric stitched on (you can just make it out on the potato shot), but made them look a little more special...

Next time, I fully intend to go down the sewing from a pattern path - I could use the pattern I made whilst making these, but how cool are these pants via suburbia soup? And with a free pattern download to boot! Love it.

Watch this space for more Baby Pickles in hammer pants action xx

ps. after using the word hammer seven times in the one post I thought it may be illegal not to link here


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