01 April, 2012

a shocking surprise

Well, helloo!

It is a terrible thing that I haven't posted for ages. But when one has a burning secret, it is hard to post anything at all. You see, we are expecting another Pickle.

Quite the shock really! Those of you who have been visiting for some time would know that I am, according to all modern medicine, completely, 100% infertile. Our two beautiful Pickles boys were the result of years of hard work and fertility treatment with a brilliant and gorgeous team in Melbourne (Drs Cate and Stan we will love you forever).

So, there we were, minding our own business, when I started feeling quite ill, for quite some time. It was a few weeks in before I finally did a home pregnancy test (because it is not a natural progression for me to think, "hmmm, I have been feeling horribly nauseous and exhausted for weeks, perhaps I am pregnant?") and then went to my local doctor to see if it was a false positive. It wasn't.

So, um, we're having another baby! A bit shocking at first, but now exciting as Sprocket wriggles around and as the belly grows bigger and bigger... (we're at 21 weeks already).

On other news, country life is suiting us beautifully, we have some new members to the family (chooks!), the boys are so happy here and James Brown The Pug is loving sniffing around and yes, occasionally eating wombat poo (!).

Chat soon xx


Sharon said...

Must be all that country air!!!! Congratulations to you all... A little bit spooky though - a few weeks you passed through my thoughts when I was looking at your blog and I wondered if there was another pickle coming... Take care now

Sharon - Melbourne x

Anna said...

haha! Love it! Have to love a surprise number 3 baby :) How funny that we had our other 2 at the same times and now we've both got surprise #3s!

Congratulations!! Very exciting news.

Boxoftrix said...

Wonderful news! Congratulations! x

leslie said...

wow! what exciting news, huge congrats you to your whole (growing) family : )

h&b said...

Oh My Goodness!! Congratulations!!

And how nice you got to do it without all the needles and mucking about!! Very sneaky baby :)

Sooo happy for you guys!! x


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