01 March, 2009

to teatowel, with love xo

new boardies!, originally uploaded by summer pickles.

Come with me. Transport yourself back to a time when all things "Oz" were great. When the height of fashion was a Jenny Kee jumper, a fimo koala and cockatoo necklace, a white Ken Done tracksuit. Once there, you will find one of these - a gorgeous teatowel, celebrating all things Gold Coast - gaudy parrots, beaches lined with highrises, tiny bikinis...

Now, come on back to the present day and here I am, stumbling across that same teatowel at a local garage sale. Buying it for just fifty cents. And madly hurrying home to start sewing these fantastic boardshorts (modelled by our very own, very gorgeous gherkin).

These were easy! And I reckon they're pretty fab.

Thankyou to tinyhappy for convincing me pants would be easy (i have had this post favourited for a looong time, waiting for babies and courage), Kath for this post with the how tos and for Miss Cinti for the inspiration provided by her lovely tea towel dresses.

Hooray for blogland, the eighties, the gold coast and all things vintage! (And of course for very gorgeous baby models!) Now, to the opshops!



Anna said...

These are really cute.. and now I feel very nostalgic about the blue ken done butterfly quilt cover set and curtains that i wanted so badly for my bedroom and never got. it would have matched so nice with my pale pink ghetto blaster. sigh.

running thread said...

They are gorgeous! And so expertly modeled by your divine boy.

Leah said...

I do remember! How stunning is your boy! Love the shorts too.

Claire (ethel loves fred) said...

He's a great model that little Gerkin! The fabric is fantastic, and thanks for the flashback!

AnnaVallance said...

I have quite a collection of teatowels which I usually repurpose into shopping bags but those little pants are awesome. Thank you for the inspiration.


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