08 October, 2008

shhhh... work in progress

So, [shhh] here she is...

....only just begun really, but getting closer to being finished.

I need to add her skirt (which I hope will be VERY special), and her face, her hair, and finally her accessories. And then she will be heading off in a postpak to someone very beautiful and brand new. I had a lot of fun with her shape --- I hope it's ok to give a child's doll hips?

Will give you an update once I have finished her off... xo


fi said...

cute!!! cant wait to see her special skirt:)

SadieandLance said...

Oh she's looks great, can't wait to see here when she's finished!

Karen said...

Great to hear you are back onto the crafting. Good luck with the hairdresser, hope the little man sleeps peacefully throughout.

h&b said...

and the haircut ?

Hope it went well. It's awful when you're left out in the wilds of hairdresser-land !

( and P.S. - aren't you just getting things done ? Gherk must be a lovely napper, yes ? :)


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