13 September, 2008

i'm not completely done with crafting!

fathers day tshirt
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summer pickles

Hi there!

Just when I thought I had come to a slamming stop, I have a crafting report!

For fathers day I was keen to make something a bit special for The Gherkin and Mr Pickles to enjoy together. So I made this tshirt! Well, I didn't really make it (thankyou bonds!), but I did decorate it. Here it is modelled by the The Gherkin himself.

Picked up these great iron-on transfer printable papers from officeworks. You just make or select an image on your 'puter, flip it horizontally so you are looking at the mirror image, print it our on the transfer paper and iron it on. Done! You can take the gloss out of the transer as well by ironing over again (once the image has cooled and set to the clothes) with plain paper. Think I will do this next time... I didn't this time round, but I think it would look better matt.

And just in case you wanted to be able to read the fine print... here is the whole image...

Thanks for popping in again!


h+b said...

that is so sweet !!

and it totally rocks all over my freezer-paper-stencilling, which is WAY more much work !!


summer pickles said...

ha! i would love to try freezer paper stencilling, but what is frezer paper in aus? i can't work it out....

Fairlie said...

That is gorgeous. You're just too clever.

emma said...

I love it. What a fantastic idea. Gherkin is divine and his dad must LOVE the awesome t-shirt.


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to my dad who was always happy for us to make a mess and who laughs at us when we deserve it.
to both parents for making sure i still got the work done.
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