06 October, 2007

Pattern puzzlement... any ideas?

Hi everyone

Thought I would try to be really clever and "whip up" (ha!) a top (getting really adventurous with the sewing now!!!).

And I am completely STUCK on one stage! Driving me bonkers! Do any of you have any ideas????

I have posted pics of the pattern pieces and the instructions here should you be feeling generous with your advice...


Oh! and we do have a winner for pay it forward... just have to take the photos! (stay tuned...)


dizzyjadey said...

Hmmm, very confusing instructions. Which particular pattern is it? Maybe you can show a photo of the actual top on the pattern packet.

Miss Frugality said...

I don't know how anyone could figure that out...not me anyway!Looks like it's going to be lovely.The fabric is beautiful.

greenolive said...

i left some comments on the flickr photo, based on my own sewing knowledge, NOT they written instructions. Hope they help. I also assumed the top had sleeves of some description!

summer pickles said...

Thanks everyone! Greenolive sorted it out for me... will post more photos of the finished product!
Thanks again lovely crafters!

emma said...

Did this eventually make sense? When I read sewing patterns this is where it begins & ends..utter confusion.
Good luck!


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